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This is a piece of the carapace from a sea turtle. I stumbled upon it beside the remains of a fire at a camping site in the Bahamas. Killing sea … [More...]

Masque d’Ulrich

C'est l'histoire du Masque d'Ulrich. Ulrich est un homme, parti s'exiler dans la baie des Saintes, proche de la Guadeloupe. Plus précisément, il a … [More...]

Route 69 Shot Glass

I acquired this shot glass while on my first tour with the University of British Columbia rowing team, which I joined on a whim during my 4th year of … [More...]

Road Rubber

I got really excited about rubber last year.  I read a lot of books about it and bought a little rubber tree.  When I was driving from Nashville to … [More...]

Mosque Clock

My friend Lisa had a friend in architecture school named Nick.  We all hung out from time to time when I was living in Boston.  My strongest memory of … [More...]