My Brother’s Bracelets

One of my best friends went to Africa the year after we graduated college. She brought back these bracelets as both a souvenir, as well as, fun jewelry that fit my “Afrikana” style. What I never had the heart to tell her was that these bracelets are not only NOT my style, I find them incredibly essentializing, not to mention they are just cheap plastic.

A few years later my younger brother found them in my apartment (my brother at the time was 10) and fell in love with them. I was happy to give them away to someone who wanted them. He wore them everyday for a year, sporting them with his burgeoning style. Now at 16, and less interested in bracelets, he has given them back to me. I hope this acts as a forum for someone to receive these bracelets with the same kind of excitement my brother once had, or they find new meaning and new life!


— hand delivered in New York City


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