Undeveloped Film from a Russian Camera

This is a used film. The camera I used it with was borrowed from my neighbour. It was a very old camera and I couldn’t work out how to even put the film in at first. I showed it to my art teacher. He said the camera was ‘Russian and crap.” It said Soviet Union on it so it must have been old.

I don’t know if the film is worth developing because the camera hadn’t been used in about 20 years before I used it. The camera is still in my house. I think my neighbour has forgotten about it. I had forgotten about the film until now. Can’t quite remember what I took photos of.

If you find anything of interest on it, feel free to mail me back.

[Contact information will be forwarded to person who exchanges for the film]

— mailed from the UK

Exchange Story

A few years ago I hitch-hiked my way from England to Hungary. As I made my way across Europe I took some photos with the two disposable cameras that I’d brought along. But I never got around to getting the films processed. I thought that adopting someone else’s used film for this project would motivate me to get my own photos developed.  I was right!

It was fun and exciting to look through someone else’s photos without any knowledge of what to expect. Not all of the photos came out (I guess the Soviet camera was crap after all) but the film had some great shots. It was also good to see my own photos for the first time and use them to patch together the memories of my trip.

If it hadn’t been for this project those films would still be sitting in a drawer and might never have been developed. I’m glad that I took part in the project so that these photos could see the light of day and that some good times could be remembered.

USSR camera photos:

Hitchhiking photos:

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