Unopened CD of Unknown Origins

Who uses CD’s anymore anyway? ME!

I still collect CD’s. I figure I will get a jump on people—give it 10 years and CD’s will be the new LP of the day. Unfortunately, like many, I live in a shoebox apartment with little breathing room, even less room for my books, leaving virtually no room for my CD’s. Because I can’t bear to sell what feels like an archive of my youth, I’ve been giving them away one by one, telling stories, gifting memories—mostly because it makes me feel good to know that they will have a home.

This CD is a particularly elusive memory:

It has never been opened and I don’t know what is on it; but I’ve kept it mostly because I don’t know how I got it. I hold onto it hoping that I will remember how I got it. Perhaps it was at a concert and I really liked the band, or maybe it was a gift?

I really do not know what is on this CD but I think the cover is beautiful and in a way it has come to symbolize something for me: I accumulate so much and in doing so, certain things loose their specialness and at the same time, gain new uniqueness. There is something exciting about the fact that I have no idea what this music is, but what I imagine based on the cover. I hope someone who loves CD’s as much as I do will be able to connect with this.


— hand delivered in New York City


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