Little white satin pillow

Here is a little white satin pillow. It was used in my wedding in Los Angeles on May 17, 1980. I’m not really a big saver of things. I have moved many times, before and after I was married. On my wedding day my nephew carried this pillow nervously down the aisle. Everyone kept asking me why was my ring bearer so old. He wasn’t. He was five years old. We have him a disposable camera at the reception. There were a lot of pictures of feet. For years he would tell people that he was the ring bearer at my wedding. For ears we were very close. We’re no longer close. He was married 3+ years ago. He is now the father of a little girl with another one on the way. He lives in Chicago. He didn’t want it for his wedding. My wedding was fairly small and simple. Katherine, a roommates from UCLA, played the cello. She told he recently that was the first time and she thinks about me when she plays at other poeples weddings. About 50 people attended my wedding. They’ve moved. I’ve moved and several have now passed away. I have no children. Maybe somebody can use it at their wedding or? That would make me happy.

— Hand delivered in New York City.






  1. White Satin Pillow…

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