An object that needs a story

Who is Fristley, and why was this note film inside my old Brownie camera? The camera is about eighty years old, and I took it to a Fixers Collective workshop to modify it for 35 mm film. I couldn’t get the camera open. There’s a trick.

There was also a surprise inside the little box camera. I’ve had the camera in storage for several years, and I can guess that the film came from one of my own earlier attempts to modify it for present-day film formats, but there’s no way I put the note inside. My name is not Fristey. I don’t know a Fristey, and I can’t think of anywhere I’ve ever left the camera that involved a lounge or loungin’. How did the note get there, and why? How long has it been in there? Did Fristey and the person who left the note find each other? “I left the note in your camera, and, uh, accidentally exposed your film. Sorry.” “What camera?” “Oopes.” Maybe all Brownie cameras look alike.

I am putting this object into the Object Ethnography Project hoping that someone will write the story of the note.

— hand delivered in NYC

A few moments after finding the note and film in the camera body. The object has been pulled out and is in the lower center of the photo. Fixers Collective, photo by Vincent Lai.


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