Rubber ‘Roach

I went to the Javits Center for a Food Service industry trade show. One exhibitor was a sanitation and cleaning company, and gave away
rubber bugs as a gag gift.  I took a rubber roach and put it my pocket.

I joined up with friends for dinner and with my BFF sitting next to me, I asked her “Can you babysit this?” and put the roach on the
table next to her. People can jump pretty high from a seated position! Worse, she dug her nails in my arm out of sheer fright
and held on for a looooong time. I might not want to try another stunt that like next time.


— hand delivered in NYC






  1. Nooo come on, this is horrible joke! I am so scare of such creatures and I think I can die from heart attack if I see one!

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