Old school exercise apparatus

From a very young age I was always enthusiastic about exercising and engaged in activities both planned and spontaneous constantly. Because of my age I am from a generation when many fitness endeavors I loved and excelled at have become history– such as the Presidential Fitness Award, speed-a-way, and many “old school” exercise apparatus such as this one.

I still stay very physically active and have transitioned to many modern fitness stuff… but still, long live Jack La Lane!

— hand delivered in New York City

Exchange Story

I took the old exercise device to give it to my boyfriend. Why?  I just liked the object, aesthetically and because it is something people don’t use anymore. So, it was like I had something from the past, something precious.  I thought it could be something nice to hang on a wall, an original decor.
it ended up being the last thing we exchanged my boyfriend (now ex) and I. So, from a pretty decor it became the symbol of our break up 🙂
I think it’s interesting to see how I couldn’t pay my object with a little story, as if the story I’m telling now would have fixated the meaning of the object, hitherto still flexible. As long as I didn’t assign a story to it, my relationship was still flexible as well.


  1. Thanks for sharing a little history.

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