Mile End posters

I took off these posters from Montreal’ walls and lamp posts during the year 2011 -in the neighbourhood I live called Mile End. I thought it could be interesting to create a catalogue with all these posters as far as great bars, bookstores, street artists and more use to design really great pieces. If you are into typography, serigraphy, illustration or just if you want to know more about the weird 2011 Montreal street atmosphere, you should grab it. +/-60 posters, mainly promoting bands from Montreal at famous places like ‘la sale rossa’, ‘la casa del popolo’, ‘el motore’, ‘le cagibi’, ‘le divan orange’, ‘drawn & quarterly bookstore’…As I have now pictures of them, I’m really happy to donate this funny gift. It would be perfect to cover room’ walls as a old school teenager’s room. Enjoy!

— hand delivered in NYC

Exchange Story

Anyway, I’d like to request the Mile End Posters as a gift for my friend Martin Harries, professor in the English Department here who is about to depart for the English Department at UC Irvine.  In addition to being a scholar of modern drama and performance, he’s a serious collagist.  When you walk down the street with him, he picks stuff up–tickets, bullet casings, bits of metal.  I’m having a really hard time letting him go–not that I have any choice.  These posters seem like a great gift because they are neither New Yorky or Californian.  Or even American.  They defer the issue of place to another place.


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