Road Rubber

I got really excited about rubber last year.  I read a lot of books about it and bought a little rubber tree.  When I was driving from Nashville to New York with my partner, I began noticing all the blown out tires on the side of the interstate.  Once we got pretty close to New York, I decided to take one of them home with us.  We pulled over and I dragged an enormous tire to the car and put it in the trunk.  I threw a couple of smaller pieces in for good measure.  We began driving again.  I hadn’t anticipated the strength of the fumes.  We almost passed out.  When we got to the place we were staying in upstate New York that night, I had to secretly ditch the tire in the hotel dumpster.  I kept the small pieces though.  This is one of them.

— hand delivered in NYC



  1. […] I’m interested in the kind of exchange that might happen with the Road Rubber. It’s one of the only pieces of what might normally be called “trash” in the […]

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