The Object Ethnography Project aims to show how stories influence the value, meaning and circulation of objects. It is a creative laboratory where participants–like you– determine the outcome of the cultural experiment.

The team behind the Project will look at the objects and stories accumulated through the project for trends, patterns and insights about the types of objects people donate, the kinds of stories they tell about them, and how those stories influence the object’s value and subsequent exchange. The results of these studies will be presented at a conference at New York University in March 2012.

The Object Ethnography Project is sponsored by New York University’s Lucrece Project: Creative Experiments in Critical Practice, which aims to foster spaces where scholars and artists  work collaboratively to explore the overlaps between different methods and working practices. Our team, whose membership continues to grow,  is made of artists, anthropologists, members of The Fixers Collective, economists, designers, and communication scholars.

An ethnography is a way of gathering knowledge about cultural phenomena that reflect the day to day meanings and systems of understanding of a particular group of people. It is a method of collecting stories and looking for trends within them. As this project moves forward, we are hoping that we gather enough objects and stories to see patterns emerge about how people relate to objects and their histories.

If you are interested in joining the group, either as a volunteer or researcher, please contact Max Liboiron at max.liboiron@nyu.edu.

Organizing & Research Members

Max Liboiron
Founding Member & Project Leader
Artist and PhD in Media, Culture and Communication at New York University.

Marisa Solomon
PhD Canidate in Anthropology at the New School studying material culture, politics, and race.

Vincent Lai
Member of the Fixers Collective, a group in New York City encouraging improvisational fixing and mending and fighting planned obsolescence.



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