This is a piece of the carapace from a sea turtle. I stumbled upon it beside the remains of a fire at a camping site in the Bahamas. Killing sea turtles was banned there in 2009, but that didn’t help this one. I was fascinated by the disgarded carcass, the intriguing pattern on the inside […]

Masque d’Ulrich

C’est l’histoire du Masque d’Ulrich. Ulrich est un homme, parti s’exiler dans la baie des Saintes, proche de la Guadeloupe. Plus précisément, il a transformé une ile en friche: l’ilet Cabrit, en une fabuleuse escale pour les voiliers de la baie. Seul habitant de l’ile, il fabrique de l’argile a base de la terre de […]

Route 69 Shot Glass

I acquired this shot glass while on my first tour with the University of British Columbia rowing team, which I joined on a whim during my 4th year of university. Anyhow, the tour was in Victoria and my good friend Flynegan and I had decided we were going to undertake a reasonable amount of partying […]

Road Rubber

I got really excited about rubber last year.  I read a lot of books about it and bought a little rubber tree.  When I was driving from Nashville to New York with my partner, I began noticing all the blown out tires on the side of the interstate.  Once we got pretty close to New […]

Mosque Clock

My friend Lisa had a friend in architecture school named Nick.  We all hung out from time to time when I was living in Boston.  My strongest memory of him is a night when he was using a giant exercise ball as a chair and singing something boisterously and bouncing so dramatically that it popped […]

Ex-girlfriend’s record

This record was a gift for an ex-girlfriend of mine. She LOVED this album but did not have a turntable. She only had an mp3 version of the album so I got her a physical copy, something one could hold and touch. When we broke up it had been mixed in with my records and […]

Obama metro pass

  In commemoration of the inauguration of the first Black President. As with any momentus occasion, trinkets/souvenirs are created. This is a DC metro pass to commemorate the inauguration. These were available only during inauguration weekend. Yes we can!   — hand delivered in New York City via DC

Oklahoma City memorial

With the profiling that is often associated with the “War on Terrorism,” often lost is the fact that many American-based, non-Arab, non-Muslim political networks qualify under any governmental definition as “terrorist.” Among the most lethal, high profile acts of this kind took place in Oklahoma City. When some good friends visited Ok.C. they got us […]

Lucrece’s first bottle of wine

This bottle is the only remaining object from the first ever Lucrece Project meeting- in October 2010! We were so excited to meet everyone and so nervous. The wine was of questionable quality, but it definitely helped everyone relax. We don’t want to drink it ourselves– it hasn’t been well taken care of in terms […]

My mama gave me candles

My mama gave me these candles for a special occasion few years ago, it must have been my birthday or Christmas. It was still at the height of my debilitating perfectionism – making sure everything served its right purpose – and I saved lovely things rather than use them, until they couldn’t be recognized under […]