Buried Glass Animals

Yesterday I was digging. It’s not very often that I dig, given that I live in a fourth floor apartment in New York City and the nearest exposed earth is blocks away in a spot where a set of stairs is cracking and you can see the soil underneath. Yesterday I was digging in a […]

Himalayan Prayer Flags

I purchased these particular prayer flags from a vendor in a small village along the Anapurna circuit in Nepal.  They came as a package deal along with a singing bowl and meditation cymbals.  Although I could have acquired all this stuff for a fraction of the price in Kathmandu, I felt like they would maintain […]

Mile End posters

I took off these posters from Montreal’ walls and lamp posts during the year 2011 -in the neighbourhood I live called Mile End. I thought it could be interesting to create a catalogue with all these posters as far as great bars, bookstores, street artists and more use to design really great pieces. If you […]

Massachusetts Plate

When I moved from Nashville to Boston in 2009, I finally had to trade in my California license plates.  I kept the California plates.  Maybe I was supposed to send them back?  A year later I moved to New York and sold my car and added the Massachusetts plates to the California ones.  They sit […]

Urban Meteorite

  Exchange Story In the middle of the northern city of Edmonton, Alberta, there is a ravine. The ravine is wild with towering tamaracks, leaning barbed wire fences, dirt paths, broken bottles, raccoons, and twisted tree roots. A stream winds through the bottom. When I was sixteen, freshly moved out of my parent’s house, I […]

Mormon Crickets

During the summer months of 2005-2010, the high desert of Tuscarora, Nevada, was invaded by literally millions of Mormon Crickets. These are fairly large insects that are actually katydids and at times of lack of protein and salt in their diets swam in very large numbers, favoring the sagebrush, high desert ecologies typical of Northern […]

Gerry’s Shirt

This shirt belonged to Gerry– my college logic professor. He would wear it in class and I always admired it– I must have complimented him on it every time he wore the thing- somehow it epitomized the man himself… his stories about taking LSD with Boris, a mathematician friend of his.. the cluttered office he […]

Wounded Warrior

I have had this paintbrush for over a year now. I left it in paint last winter at my studio. As a result of my neglect the bristles are rock hard and it is completely unfixable. I have not been able to throw this brush out and I look at it often. This paintbrush is […]

Empty notebook

I am not a timid person. Well, maybe I am, to most people at least. I prefer to stay quiet, to observe. As an observer of culture, art, and fashion watching is what I do best. This talent is second only to note taking. Growing up teachers praised my note taking, often holding  my notes […]

Murphy’s bullet

Overall view:   Exchange Story My heart skips a beat when I see old type. That’s what I saw first: not the bullet, the writing that came with it. Typed clankily, scribbled over hastily, a gorgeous piece of text. Then I read the first line. I’m not from New York, not even from America actually […]