Become an Object Ethnographer

Do you study value, story telling, or the meaning of material possessions? Are you interested in game theory, exchange systems, or behavioral economics? If you are engaged in  projects or research that you think would benefit from the data produced by the Object Ethnography Project, you are welcome to join our team. We have anthropologists, artists, religious studies scholars, and curious citizens involved already. Contact maxliboiron [at] to join.

There has been some talk about keeping the Object Ethnography Project going. If you would like to host and maintain the project (accept and mail objects, photograph objects, post stories), please contact objectethnographyproject [at]

Become a Custodian of the Object Ethnography Project

We are looking for institutions, classes or individuals to run the Object Ethnography Project. This involves keeping a PO box or address for people to mail objects to, photographing objects, and maintaining the website. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact maxliboiron [at]


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