Donate or Exchange

Request an Object

If an object and its story has caught your eye, you may request it by emailing maxliboiron [at] with a story of your own as long as it is still available for exchange (to tell if it is available, see if it already has an “exchange story” with it at the bottom of the page. If it doesn’t, it’s available!). It can be any kind of story. Short, long, English, pig latin, haiku, video, fictional, personal…. If you aren’t sure how to start an exchange story, ask yourself: Why do you want the object? How does it resonate with you? What will happen to it when it goes home to you?
Also include your mailing address if you are not in New York City (this will not be published online. We need it to mail the object to you).

Objects will be allotted on a first come, first served basis, though priority will be given to people who have already donated an object, and those who have not yet requested an object.

Donate an Object

We are currently changing mailing addresses.
Please check back in the future, or contact us at maxliboiron [at]


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